Geistlich Pharma supports the “Mercy Ships” charity

Regenerative medicine for a better quality of life - that is the aim of Geistlich Pharma. For many years, their consistent focus has been on research and development work.

Geistlich Pharma is providing financial support to the international charity "Mercy Ships", which has been operating hospital ships in developing countries since 1978. Voluntary medics from more than 40 countries provide help in the form of operations, dental treatment and training programmes.


M/V Africa Mercy - ship of hope

The poorest people in the world benefit from practical, direct help. The largest civilian hospital ship is currently in a Madagascan port. During its 9-month stay, medics will carry out 2000 operations on adults and children, including maxillofacial surgery and orthopaedic surgery. Specialist surgeons will also treat more than 10,000 patients in a purpose-built, land-based dental clinic. To ensure that this help can continue, they will provide specific training to local healthcare professionals.

On board the world’s biggest, privately operated floating clinic, the “Africa Mercy”, over 400 volunteers from more than 40 countries provide aid in the form of operations, dental treatment and education programs. The ship’s dimensions are impressive: its 152-metre length contains five operating theatres and 84 beds. Every year more than 1,600 volunteers sign up – surgeons, dentists, specialist nurses, health educators, teachers, cooks, sailors, engineers and agricultural experts give their time and skills free of charge. Mercy Ships has already helped more than 2.5 million children and adults to experience a better life.

More information about our partnership with Mercy Ships you find here.


Dr. Mirjam Kessler
Director Corporate Communications