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  • On our blog: “Explantation is a decisive turning point for the patients”

    Explantation can be a last resort to handle an infected implant. Dr. Mauro Merli, Italy, has gained experience in this unpleasant procedure and the subsequent rebuilding of jaw bone. Here he shares his insights into minimally invasive techniques, suitable materials and the value of listening to the patient’s expectations.


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  • On our blog: A less invasive technique for greater success

    Different techniques and biomaterials can be used for recession coverage. When is the coronally advanced flap beneficial, when a tunneling approach?


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  • On our blog: "The comprehensive dental care concept is almost lost."

    “The comprehensive dental care concept is almost lost.“, says Prof. Niklaus P. Lang. Discover more on his experiences, thoughts, and future ideas about regenerative dentistry on our regeneration expert blog.


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  • On our blog: Proper flap and suture techniques are key to success

    Major bone augmentations with either Guided Bone Regeneration or a bone block increase bone volume significantly. But without proper flap techniques, wound dehiscences can jeopardize success.


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  • On our blog: “Bone loss thresholds are not relevant for daily practice”

    What is peri-implantitis? How frequent is it? The 2017 World Workshop on the Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions aimed at establishing a new internationally accepted classification. Jan Derks, Gothenburg, gave us an update on the results.


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  • Using a 3-D collagen matrix for vestibuloplasty

    No painful graft harvest and very good color and texture match surrounding tissue - these are major advantages when performing a vestibuloplasty with Geistlich Mucograft®. Now there is long-term data over five years.


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  • A gain of 6.5 mm and 5.5 mm of vertical and horizontal bone, respectively. 100 % implant survival after a mean follow-up of 12 months.1 Yxoss CBR®, exclusively marketed by Geistlich, is the groundbreaking product you have been waiting for.

  • On our blog: A chat with Jung-Chul Park

    He publishes videos under the title «Back to the suture», uses social media for educational purposes and has learned a lot from card and coin tricks for his lectures - we met Prof. Jung-Chul Park for an entertaining and insightful interview.


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  • On our blog: “It’s not only science. There is a lot of art involved.”

    Geistlich invested heavily to develop its latest product, the 3D collagen matrix Geistlich Fibro-Gide®. Dr. Terance Hart, Director Research, and Dr. Mark Spilker, Chief Scientific Officer, talk about innovation, research pathways and strategic collaborations.


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  • Despite sinus floor elevation being a technique invented more than 30 years ago, there remain several outstanding questions on how to optimally balance minimal invasiveness and reliable bone regeneration. The new treatment concept brochure “Sinus Floor Elevation” sheds light on decision criteria, recent scientific findings and long-term results.

Dr. Mirjam Kessler
Director Corporate Communications