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Guided bone regeneration: into the world of cells


'Cell-to-cell communication: Guided bone regeneration', is a new animation movie from the Quintessence Publishing Group, supported by Geistlich Biomaterials. 

Invisible to the human eye, guided bone regeneration takes place in the microcosm of the cells. What tasks are performed by osteoblasts, osteoclasts, pericytes, thrombocytes, fibroblasts and all the other cells? How do they communicate amongst themselves?

This new animation movie shows the co-ordinated actions of the numerous players, central to the GBR process. Geistlich Biomaterials were instrumental in supporting this GBR movie and are pleased to provide access to this complimentary short version via You Tube

Geistlich UK Regional meeting programme 2016

Once again the UK team are well into another busy year of meetings and events, designed to provide first class education to support our customer base. Now into the second year of a programme of 'Regional meetings', the plan for this series of local events has expanded to cover more events across more of the country in 2016. 

Bringing high quality speakers and interesting topics to clinicians in a local setting, is the central theme for this programme of meetings. Ensuring that customers outside of London and the south east have the opportunity to learn from the UK's leading clinicians and build their knowledge of Geistlich biomaterials is also key. 

So, over the course of 2016, a programme of hands-on meetings and lectures has been planned covering topics such as; Complex GBR (tenting and the use of titanium mesh), peri-implantitis & sinus-lift surgery.

Several customers in the north west of England had expressed a desire to attend an earlier sinus-lift meeting in London, but could not justify the travel and time away from surgery to attend. Therefore, the first event of 2016 held at the ICE Postgraduate Institute and Hospital in Salford, was designed to meet this need. 'An interactive sinus lift workshop', led by Professor Cemal Ucer combined lecture, hands-on and live surgery and received excellent feedback from the group of delegates. Similarly, 'Complex GBR: a practical application of the tenting technique', led by Dr. Paul Stone was equally well received by delegates in Livingston, Scotland.

September takes the Geistlich team to Ireland for events in Dublin and Belfast. Supporting our existing customers through the provision of high quality educational events is essential in the fast-growing Irish market. Taking the regional meeting programme to Ireland, is the next exciting step in the development of this exciting programme of regional events. 


2017 ·
  • The 2017 EAO in Madrid with more than 4,000 participants was the perfect platform for the official launch of Geistlich Fibro-Gide®, the alternative to connective tissue grafts. Geistlich Biomaterials properly celebrated this event with its customers, paying tribute to 10 years of successful research.

  • On our blog: Dealing with peri-implantitis

    “The answer is education. We should all be able to diagnose and treat peri-implantitis”. With this statement, Prof. Stuart J. Froum, United States, summarizes his long-standing experience on this controversial topic in an interview on our blog!

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  • Soft-tissue management is the focus of the current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS. Once again outstanding experts shed light on this key topic in regenerative dentistry.

  • On our blog: Bisphosphonates: A contraindication for augmentations?

    Are bisphosphonates a contraindication for bone augmentation? Not all patients on anti-resorptive therapy have a high risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw. So, when is implantation possible, and what should a dentist consider? Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas, Germany, gives a thorough insight and shares his “dos and don’ts”. Discover more on our blog!

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  • In keeping with its mission to improve patients’ quality of life, Geistlich Biomaterials – the leading specialist in the field of dental, bone and tissue regeneration – launches its new product: Geistlich Fibro-Gide® - The alternative to connective tissue grafts.

  • Leading international clinicians discussed the future of regenerative dentistry with representatives of Geistlich Biomaterials at the Regeneration Leaders’ Meeting in June 2017: “Innovation in the field of regenerative dentistry”. Have a look at the inspiring movie from this year’s Regeneration Leaders’ Meeting.

  • On our blog: Sinus floor elevation - Risk management

    Sinus floor elevation – How can we predict and avoid complications arising from a perforation of the Schneiderian membrane? How should we deal with a perforated membrane? Adj. Prof. Dr. Michael R. Norton, United Kingdom, confides his tips to us. Discover more on our blog!

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  • Mucosal biopsies are required to obtain a definitive histological diagnosis of potentially malignant oral disorders. A current study shows that Geistlich Mucograft® is an effective option for circumventing the need for a graft from the hard palate.

  • The upcoming EAO congress from October 05th to 07th, 2017, in Madrid will open a new chapter in soft-tissue regeneration. Geistlich Biomaterials is going to launch a new product.

  • Since January Geistlich customers have been able to let other people have their best publications, clinical cases or a statement under the slogan "Key to Success".

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