Yxoss CBR® - Customised Bone Regeneration

ReOss® provides solutions for customised bone regeneration. Patient-specific titanium mesh scaffolds are manufactured utilising modern CAD / CAM technology and delivered tailored to precisely fit the defect.

From January 2017 Geistlich Biomaterials will have the exclusive distribution rights in the UK for the innovative dental regenerative solutions from ReOss®. The combined use of customised bone regeneration - Yxoss CBR®, Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide® can expand your treatment spectrum to include the indication of the horizontal and vertical combined defects. 

Yxoss CBR® - customised solutions for complex bone defects

Individually made Yxoss CBR® mesh scaffolds provide the augmentation site with previously unmet stability, ideal for the treatment of complex 3D bone defects. The Yxoss CBR® mesh structure allows undisturbed bone healing, free from compressive loads and other physical influences. With the patented manufacturing process for the preparation of individual patient solutions, ReOss® provides high quality individual products for ‘custom bone regeneration’.

„Yxoss CBR® is a lattice structure made of titanium, which is custom manufactured using modern CAD / CAM technology for patient-specific defect".
Dr. Marcus Seiler, an oral surgeon from Filderstadt and founder of ReOss GmbH


Yxoss CBR® technology unites function and design for success

  • custom-fit and tissue compatibility
  • high stability during the healing phase
  • predefined augmentation volume
  • simple fixation and easy removal (Easy Removal Design®)
  • reconstruction of original anatomical shape
  • easy use and significantly shortened operating time
  • for regeneration of complex bone defects


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