AMIC® Registry

Documentation and statistical analysis – easy, rapid and conclusive

AMIC® Registry, the web-based database for AMIC®, was developed by Geistlich Surgery to offer surgeons a means for simple, rapid and cost-effective data collection of AMIC® patients.

The sophisticated web interface is independent from any specific platform and enables orthopaedic surgeons to monitor and assess the clinical outcomes for patients undergoing AMIC® cartilage repair procedures in the knee and ankle.

The patient history, clinical diagnosis, VAS Pain Scale, selected scores and radiological assessment are included in the evaluation.

The functions at a glance

  • Anonymised Patient evaluation
  • AMIC® Knee Registry based on the Lysholm Knee Score, KOOS Score, VAS Pain Scale and MRI analysis
  • AMIC® Talus Registry based on the AOFAS Hindfoot Score, FFI, VAS Pain Scale and VAS Patient satisfaction
  • Simple and rapid data collection
  • Standardised structure of patient data with streamlined, intuitive web interface
  • Clinical progress of individual patients as well as all patients from your centre
  • Report compilation and online analysis for single patients and patient population
  • Direct copying of diagrams into your presentations
  • Network to other AMIC® users via an internal mail system
  • Opportunity to upload images (e.g. MRI, OR-images)
  • Newsletter with an anonymous analysis of all patients from all users
  • Encrypted, anonymous data entry using a secure communication protocol
  • The surgeon owns the data
  • No subscription fees

Access and further information

Access to the AMIC® Registry can be obtained at:

Further information about the AMIC® Registry is available from Geistlich Surgery at


Dr. Sanja Saftic
International Product Manager